Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hello My Name is Wesley and I'm Addicted to Changing My Clothes

Wesley has known for a while how to take his clothes off. But what he discovered a couple of weeks ago is how to put his clothes back on. And now he is addicted to changing his clothes.

As soon as he comes home from daycare, Wesley changes his outfit. This can happen as many as four or five times before he goes to sleep. Even after we have put him in bed in his jammies, we will often discover that he has gotten up, emptied the contents of his jammie drawer on the floor in search of something else and changed his jammies. Sometimes his ensembles match and other times they do not. Sometimes shirts end up inside out and backwards and other times they are ok. But whatever his ensemble, once Wesley gets it on he is very proud of himself and comes out to show off his new look!

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