Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Random Thoughts

Yesterday Parker only had a half day of school so Mommy and Daddy picked him up and headed for the library. Every time we drive by he asks to stop in! We can no longer look in the easy reader section for Parker - we are in the juvenile section. Yesterday we spent most of our time in the Science and Series sections. We came home with books on monster trucks, volcanoes, the rainforests and castles, plus a couple of picture books for Wesley. He spent most of the day reading and working on his new Starfall journal. He was so excited that he got to pick two books at school to bring home and out of the stack of stuff available, one of the books he picked was a writing journal. He's already up to page 23 in filling that thing out! Today is a busy day as we wrap up all the details of getting ready for graduation tomorrow and heading out to Annual Conference in Lakeland!

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