Monday, October 18, 2010

Obsession with Orange

Our family is obsessed with orange. We train 'em up young as good Gator fans (even when they're losing we bleed orange and blue!) and we train 'em young to love a good Pumpkin Patch!

Since the Pumpkin Patch is basically in our backyard, we are encouraged by the very vocal little people in our house to visit it often. This year they have extra incentive to visit - they have become good friends with the Pumpkin Man's granddaughters Lindsi and Jami who always seem to be at the Patch too!

So we've been trying to stop by for a few minutes here and there at times and here's a few pictures of the busy, busy Patch and the kids having fun together.

Here the boys are helping put pumpkins back on pallets that people have left on the grass - it was Parker's idea to help out.

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