Sunday, October 17, 2010

This About Sums It Up

When Mommy went to pick up the boys after church today (after worship and a long SPR meeting), this was what she found - Wesley snuggling up with Miss Jody, so sound asleep that he was snoring!

And that picture kind of sums up how the Allens are feeling this week. It's been busy and we are a bit tired. Things have kicked back into gear at both churches with worship, multiple Bible studies, confirmation classes at both churches, committee meetings in preparation for upcoming charge conferences (and Mommy's church is trying to buy a piece of property with all that entails), getting ready for stewardship campaigns, plus all of the regular family activities with the boys.

And of course the excitement that only an almost-3-year-old can bring to a house. Both boys had crawled in bed with Mommy and Daddy at some point last night and we were awakened to a loud thud and screaming about 4:30am. Wesley had fallen out of our bed and conked his head on a nightstand drawer knob on the way down. He had a small "dent" in the back of his head that was bleeding pretty good. Thankfully Daddy got that under control and we monitored him for a while before giving him some medicine and packing him back off into HIS bed, along with his still sleeping brother, about 5:15am. Mommy and Daddy tried to go back to sleep, but you can probably guess how that went knowing we had to be up at 6:30 to get ready for church! Fortunately this morning when the boys got up they were smiling and happy and Wesley seemed none the worse for wear except for a knot that had developed on the back of his head.

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