Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Break - Orlando - Day Five (continued)

By now it was 7pm and we were exhausted. We realized if we stopped for dinner anywhere we might not have time to make it through the rest of the countries, so we decided just to power through and go grab dinner on the way back to the hotel. It became our mission to those passport stamps and get done! Also the boys picked up another passport to collect stickers promoting the new CARS movie coming out - Lightning McQueen's Race Around the World. Thankfully you could grab those stickers in the same Kidcot locations as the passport stamps!

Next up was China. By far they had the friendliest folks manning the Kidcot desk who wrote the kids name's in Chinese characters and also stamped their passport with a picture of the animal for the year that they were born.

Add ImageThere's an African outpost between China and Germany and this great topiary of Rafiki from Lion King was on display.

View across the lake from Germany.


On the bridge between France and the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom.
It was 8:30pm and we had one very tired boy waiting to go home!

Wesley didn't last five minutes in the car before he was out! Don't worry though - we grabbed dinner on the way back to the condo and woke him up to eat!

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