Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break - Orlando - Day Five

Day Five or Wednesday was our EPCOT day. It took us all day but eventually Parker could tell you that the initials used to stand for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (Mommy has all kinds of geeky EPCOT knowledge).

We got there before the park actually opened and were allowed to go in and stand in the center section to watch the characters come out before the herd of earlybirds were allowed to rush the attractions. Apparently most folks ran for FastPasses at Soarin', Space and Test Track. We decided to bypass the crowd and check out Mommy's favorite first - Figment.

After the ride the boys had some fun playing with the cool toys like this one - you moved your arms in between the yellow poles and it controlled the motion of things on the screen and made music too.

Between Figment and the Captain EO show, were these cool "fountains" of water.

Next up was Daddy's favorite EPCOT moment - the Captain EO 3D show which has been brought back to celebrate it's 25th Anniversary (Coincidentally a pin celebrating this event was the first one Daddy bought for his lanyard; likewise Figment for Mommy).

We made our way next to the Land pavilion and while Daddy went to grab fast passes for Soarin' and the Living with the Land boat tour, Mommy and the boys held our place in line for the Circle of Life movie. The boys took turns showing off their lanyards and pins.

The land boat cruise was a huge hit. One because it involved boats. Second because you got to see food growing in all kinds of cool ways. The boys loved it so much they asked to do it again.

Next up was Nemo's adventure. There was a ride that was cool. But the boys actually enjoyed the show at the end more - Turtle Talk with Crush (the big turtle from the movie Nemo). All the kids sat down front on the floor and the Nemo figure on the screen talked to the kids, asking and answering all kinds of questions - gotta love the way technology works.

It was also the annual flower and garden festival at EPCOT as well and so there were some amazing topiarys of Disney character sprinkled throughout the park. This one was right by where we ended up having lunch.

After lunch we did some more pin shopping, took in Ellen's Universe of Energy ride (with dinosaurs) and headed over to Spaceship Earth. This one was a big hit too.

Playing games in the pavilion after the ride.

After this it was time for Soarin'. We have to say that hands down this was everyone favorite ride of ANY Disney park all week long. Amazing! You really do feel like you are hang-gliding over California - there is a breeze and appropriate smells (water, citrus, pine...). Most telling was the fact that you could see everyone pull their feet up when it "looked" like we might drag our feet on a mountain or in the water. We all wanted to do it again but the fast passes were all gone and there was a 2 hour wait on standby! So we took in the land boat cruise one more time and finally about 5:3opm started moving to the back half of the park.

More topiaries!

We did the countries clockwise in order. We bought passports for the boys so that they could be signed in each country's Kidcot section - they received personal messages written in each language. First up was Mexico. They have a fun boat ride that has Donald Duck (as part of the Three Caballeros) that Wesley thought was awesome!

Next up was Norway. We stood in line after getting our passports signed to ride the only other ride in the World Showcase - Maelstrom. Another boat ride, but this one was scarier.

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