Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break - Orlando - Day Four

On day four, the theme was relaxation. We slept in - Parker didn't wake up until after 10am. We ate a leisurely breakfast and eventually got ready and out the door. First stop was another of our Orlando favorites - IKEA. We had a super great time just browsing through the store and getting ideas for organizing and decorating the house. Then we visited Sea World for a couple of hours, taking some time to play in Shamu's Happy Harbor, grab some ice cream and watch the early evening Shamu show.

Then we decided to hit up Downtown Disney. We had 7:45pm reservations at T-Rex Cafe and wanted to make sure we had some time to shop beforehand. The boys loved trying on more silly hats.....

And Wesley invented his own game with one of the displays to entertain himself while we were browsing.

We also stopped at the Pin Trader store and decided to dip our toes in the water of this hobby. Both of the boys got lanyards and a couple of pins to start.

Dinner was a fun-filled event. We love the "meteor shower" that happens about every fifteen minutes in the restaurant, making everything rumble and glow. We were seated in the same dining room as last year with the fish tank, but we like that spot because it's on the edge of two other dining rooms for great views into all.

While we were at dinner, Parker decided what he wanted to spend his allowance on. He'd been saving up money for the last three weeks ($15) and had some birthday money besides. After tithing to the church, he had $22.50 to spend. So he wanted to do the "Build A Dino" at T-Rex. After going over the prices with him, he decided to buy a $15 dino so he could go back and get another pin for his lanyard with his extra monies - we're into high finance already. He picked out a golden T-Rex and named him Jason Allen. We decided to get one for Wesley too and he named his Robin Allen. Here the boys are cleaning up their dinosaurs after they were stuffed and stitched up.
Parker getting the money out of his Lightning McQueen wallet to pay for his new dinosaur all by himself.

Happy boys headed back to the condo with the newest members of our family...

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