Saturday, July 28, 2012

Where the Fun Never Ends

Today was the last day of VBS at BUMC for Debbie and the boys. While the kids were doing activities in Fellowship hall, one of the teachers noticed a large lump (bigger than a golf ball) on the back of Wesley's left knee. We weren't sure what it was or where it came from. It didn't seem to hurt him, unless we pushed on it really hard. So Daryl left church (they were having an event today making new Chrismons for Christmas) and came to pick up Wesley early and run him to the Children's Express with Munroe hospital. They were third in line when it opened at noon.

Wesley got to be wheeled across the street in a wheelchair for an ultrasound on his leg. The doctor decided that it is something called a "Baker's cyst." That is an inflammation of the bursae sac behind his knee caused by over-activity. He will need lots of Motrin and to ice his knee four times a day. If it doesn't go down in a week or so, it might need to have the fluid drained.

In the meantime today, Debbie could not leave church because she had a funeral at 2pm. Parker was supposed to be in Ocala at 3pm for a birthday for a school friend at the Aquatic Center. So one of the church families took Parker home from VBS to play for a while and graciously delivered him later to his birthday party. Just another day in the life around here.

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