Monday, August 6, 2012


We didn't fall off the end of the earth - we've been on vacation at our favorite spot in the world....Siesta Key Beach. More coming on that later in the week.

First order of business this morning, was taking Wesley to the pediatrician about the Baker's cyst on the back of his leg. We gave him Motrin last week, iced his leg a couple of times a day and tried to get him to "rest." There has been no change to the lump. The pediatrician is referring us to a general surgeon from Shands in Gainesville to evaluate whether it needs to be monitored, aspirated with a needle or removed by surgery. We should hear from their office within the week about another appointment. We picked up a copy of the ultrasound on cd from the hospital today too so we have that when we see the surgeon.

On a different note, have you noticed the changes to the blog lately. Many thank to Courtney at Designer Blogs for the new design. We also have a different address ( although the old one should redirect you automatically. Finally, we added some labels to all of our posts so it should be easier to navigate old posts.

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