Saturday, November 24, 2012

Family Fun and Field Trips

So Thursday night we had some family fun around Grandmommy and Granddaddy's house. 

Some people played dominoes....

Some people watched football......

While Granddaddy and Uncle Bill continued building this enormous Christmas village.

Friday is not known as Black Friday in this family. It is usually Family Fun Day and involves some kind of field trip together after dinner. This year we loaded everyone up in the afternoon and headed down to TECO plant at Apollo Beach so that the kids could check out the manatee viewing area. They were manatees everywhere enjoying the warm water from the plant.

There was a neat little education/play area inside that the kids checked out - little kids and big kids alike!

We finished up our trip with a walk down the pier. 

After returning home we had a late lunch and the kids played for a while. 
In the evening we headed over to Uncle Kelly and Uncle Nam's house in Tampa for a little party. 
As usual, the spiral staircase inside the house was popular with the kids
and the koi fish outside were a huge hit. 

Then we all went as a group to Open Mic Night at Uncle Kelly and Uncle Nam's business - 
The Boba Shop.

A Boba is a smoothie that has these little tapioca balls in the bottom of it. 
The come in different flavors and everybody tried one. Yummy!!!!!

Only two Allens were brave enough to get onstage. Uncle Kelly was the emcee and sang a song later.

And then Bethany got up and sang her own version of the Birthday song. 

It was a GREAT family fun day! 

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