Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Running Man

Oh, running, how we have missed thee! 

On our Thanksgiving trip to Seffner, Daryl got back in a running groove with Couch to 5K. 

After we got back, Debbie finally got back to running as well. 
For the last few weeks, we've been running "together." 

On Mondays we walk from our house to Brick City Park and the kids ride their bikes. 
Then we run the track while they bike or hit the playground. 
We've been doing the same thing on Saturdays. 

For our mid-week run, Daryl usually hits the road by himself on Wednesday 
while the rest of the gang is at church in Belleview. 
Debbie takes the boys to the YMCA for her run on Thursday nights while Daryl is at Bible study. 

So thankful for the chances to get out running again 
and for the accountability of having a running partner.  

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