Friday, March 29, 2013

Birthday Boy

Nine years ago today, this little guy entered our lives. 

My how the time has flown! 

Check out what Parker had to say about himself. 

So what is special about today? It's my birthday!
How old are you today? 9
Have you received any birthday presents yet? Yeah, I got five dollars in a birthday card from Daddy's church. And you guys let me open one present and got me the Lego Ninjago hoodie shirt I wanted. 
What else are you hoping to get for your birthday? The Lego Chima Cragger command ship 

Do you feel older? Yes
Do you feel taller? Yes (he had a checkup today and he has grown 2.6 inches since last year; he also finally got out of the underweight category! - 52.5 inches and 57 pounds)

What’s your favorite color? Blue and green, so aqua
What's your favorite food to eat? Cool Ranch Doritos Loco Taco at Taco Bell

What’s your favorite food to eat that Mommy makes? Chili
What's your favorite breakfast that Daddy makes? Biscuits and gravy
Whats your favorite thing to help out with around the house? Cooking

What was your favorite vacation our family took this year? Our day at Legoland over Christmas break
What’s your favorite thing to do? Play with Legos 

What's your favorite subject at school? Art, PE, enrichment class, and FLAME (gifted program)
What do you think you’ll be when you’re older? Baseball player
Are you enjoying playing baseball this season? A little bit. It's harder in the Minors.  
What college are you going to go to? Still thinking about it but probably UF. 

What do you love about your Mom? When you let me help cook. 
What do you love about your Dad? He plays video games with me. 
Tell me one thing that you love about your brother Wesley? He plays football with me. 
Are you excited about getting a new little brother this year? Yes. It's coming up soon. 
Besides picking up Davis, what are you looking forward to about our trip to China this year? Looking at all the scenery and historic places like the Great Wall. Oh and taking the bullet train! 

We will celebrate with family back in Seffner after worship on Easter Sunday, so 

our celebration was lowkey today at home, but still made for a very happy 9 year old... 
lunch from McDonalds, an ice cream cake and getting to open one present. 
Plus he got to play the high priest in Druid Hills Easter Tableau tonight and 
his friends the Baugher girls brought him cupcakes! 

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