Saturday, March 30, 2013

Holy Week

Thursday night, Belleview observed Maundy Thursday with a footwashing and 
communion service, led by three of our college students. 
It's not something I have ever done in ministry before and I was not sure how it would be received. 
But at least 30 of the 50 people there came forward for footwashing. 
At one point I looked up and some of our elderly members were patiently standing in both aisles 
waiting their turn. It was a beautiful moment of servanthood and the fullness of the kingdom of God. 

Afterwards, I headed up to Druid Hills UMC to join the rest of the family at their Easter Tableau. 
We participated Thursday and Friday night. 
Daryl served communion to the cast before the start, 
and then served communion to those who came to the Tableau from a tent near the end. 
(Check out Daddy's little shadow near the communion table)

Parker played one of the high priests at the crucifixion scene. 

Thursday night, Wesley helped guide people to the communion tent and I was an angel 
in the empty tomb scene. 

Friday night, Wesley and I sat as mourners at the crucifixion scene. 
Here I am with one of the other mourners - family friend Kelsey Burnette, who goes to Druid Hills. 
Her son Sam is in Scouts with Parker and also in FLAME at South Ocala. 

I always enjoy participating in the Drive Thru's at Belleview and the Tableau at Druid Hills. 
It's a nice time of fellowship with folks from the church. 
But it's also a nice opportunity to witness to our faith within the community. 
And finally, there is something deeply stirring within your heart to sit in the scenes
and think about all that Jesus has done on our behalf. 

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