Monday, March 25, 2013

Catching Up

Just catching up on a few things that have been happening around here lately. 

On Sunday March 17th, we spent most of the afternoon at a local ministry called Sisterhood in Ocala for an Appreciation Service for their pastor, Alice Faison. 
Sisterhood is a ministry that Druid Hills has partnered with for several years.
The boys had never been to a 2.5 hour worship service before! They really enjoyed all of the music.
Daryl got to be up on the podium with a few other local pastors and share some thoughts about Pastor Alice. 

Wesley always likes to help out around the house, and especially in the kitchen. 
This past week he wanted to make "dinner" for him and Parker. 
Here he is putting together the mac 'n cheese bowls. 

This wonderful piece of artwork came home from school with Parker - 
love the layering and texturing here to make birch trees.

Parker also has a birthday this week and the celebration started early on Sunday at church. 
His Sunday school teachers surprised him with a bunch of cupcakes and a balloon.
He was pretty excited. He keeps checking the mail for birthday cards every day. 

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