Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Break in a Day

This week is Parker's spring break from school. 
Since it coincides with Holy Week AND because we are saving our vacation time/money to travel 
to China this summer, there was no way for us to really do anything.

Yesterday Daryl and I were both off from the churches and we kept Wesley home from daycare. 
We made it a fun family day. 

We started off with bowling since we haven't been in several months. 
We got a great deal and played two games. 
Guess who won? Well, our rankings kind of fell by age both times.

We had 50 tokens leftover from a previous visit which kept them busy for a while.
They earned about 350 tickets and some nice gentlemen gifted is with about 50 as he was leaving. 
When combined with the 800 something tickets from previous visits they had left to spend, 
the boys had fun at the prize counter.  They proclaimed it a great spring break! 

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