Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pinewood Derby Districts

After Wesley's t-ball game last Saturday, we drove straight over to Parker's
District Pinewood Derby meet at Honda of Ocala. 

Checkin for the Bears was from 11-11:30am and the race began at noon.
There were 24 different cars from around the District 
and some very interesting designs. 

Parker was #14 to register. 
He raced four times - once in each lane.

Their track ran much faster than our pack track;
instead of his pack average of 2.881,  Parker's overall average was 2.56
which put him in 2nd place for the Bears! (first place was only 2.55!)

Here is Parker getting his trophy from the general manager of the dealership. 

Now we just wait to find out when the Council Pinewood Derby will be; 
probably sometime around the end of April up in Jacksonville. 

Congratulations to Parker and his Flaming Firebird car! 

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