Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's the Little Things

Monday Daryl and I headed out for our Date Day - lunch followed by birthday/Easter shopping. 
We weren't sure where we wanted to eat and happened to drive by the new Chipotle. 
No grand opening signs, but it was PACKED and we decided to give it a chance. 

Standing in line was okay with us because it gave us a chance to study the menu;  
we had never eaten at a Chipotle before.  It seemed comparable in some ways to Moe's. 

Our experience was very smooth and 
we got a very pleasant surprise when we got to the register. 
I must confess, I thought they were trying to punk us at first. 
Because since it was their soft opening day and the employees were practicing, 
everyone's food and drinks were FREE! 

Daryl had a carnitas burrito and I got a carnitas bowl; we split an order of chips. 
It all tasted really, really good. 
It was just an added bonus to sit and watch everyone else's reaction at the register while we ate.  

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