Sunday, June 30, 2013

Learning and Doing

Things we are learning about our Davis during our time in China.

1) He loves cars! Matchbox cars in the room or at the table while we are waiting for food and full size cars on the street while we are out and about. He does imaginative play too - crashing cars into each other, running them on ramps or make believe tracks and making car noises. He also hands you pretend items that he asks for back later. 

2) He loves to eat (and eat and eat!) He has a healthy appetite, and will eat just about anything. He already knew how to hold and use fork and a spoon. When he slows down from eating, he starts sharing his food with everyone around him. 

3) He cannot stand to be dirty and wants you to wipe off his hands  immediately when he gets messy from eating. Related to this he also really, really likes the bathtub - getting clean and playing with the toys in there. 

4) He came to us with hair! So many times the orphanage will shave the the children's hair. Davis has the cutest little tornado cowlick on the back of his head. 

5) He mimics what we say and do. He's learned his new name, the boys' names, Mama and Baba (Daddy), Grandmommy and Granddaddy, rice, car, ball, juice, bye-bye and Hi (both while waving). He also gives kisses, blows kisses and the boys have taught him how to fist bump and give high fives. 

6) He speaks Mandarin and Cantonese and we don't! But we communicate really well with pointing and playing charades - pretty much like you do with any toddler. He will grab you by the hand to show you what he wants. The day we met him he did not want the lid on his sippy cup and grabbed Daryl's hand to get him to twist it off. 

7) He likes to pick things up and put things away. He won't get out of the tub without putting up the toys. If the boys are asked to pick up toys or pillows off the couch, Davis watches and then joins in and helps. 

8) He likes the swimming pool. We took him in the kiddie pool here at the hotel and he was happy and splashing a bit. Later we moved over to the big pool and stayed on the steps watching the big brothers jump and swim underwater. As he got more comfortable he moved off of Daryl's lap to sit on he step by himself. 

9) He likes animals. We took him to the Safari Park here on Saturday. He got to feed the monkeys, and really liked the tigers and the panda bears. As a bonus, we got to combine cars and animals while riding the train through the animal preserve. 

10) He thinks his brothers are silly and funny! At night in our room, Davis and his brothers chase each other around the furniture and take turns with tickling and making silly noises. This is when he laughs the most - and the sound of his laughter is so sweet. 

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Laurie Toncray said...

My heart overflows for all of you. Reading your blog fills me with joy. I am so happy for you and your family. Will you visit Tice UMC in the near future?