Sunday, September 15, 2013

Autumn Moon Festival

We had originally planned to attend a Families With Children From China event in Gainesville on Saturday night to celebrate the Autumn Moon Festival. But since Davis had been so ill, we knew he needed to rest and not push it, so we stayed home. We still managed to celebrate a little bit together though this weekend. The boys and I wore our Chinese silks to worship in Belleview on Sunday and we read together about the Moon Festival at home. And then we watched an episode of Ni Hao Kai-Lan. Parker found this show in the spring on Nickelodeon, all about Chinese culture and he set it up to record automatically. There was an episode that recorded all about the Moon Festival. Davis got very excited to see the mooncakes pictured in the episode and so we are going to check out the Chinese grocery store tomorrow in hopes of finding some. About the closest thing I can relate the Moon Festival to (and this is probably way oversimplified) seems to be our Thanksgiving - a national holiday when things close down and people travel home to be with family, there is lots of food to celebrate, and the equivalent of pumpkin pie seems to be mooncakes (pastry filled with a sweet red bean paste). 

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