Saturday, September 14, 2013

Baseball Tryouts

This past week Daryl took Wesley and Parker both to the Ocala Rotary Sportsplex for tryouts for fall baseball. The name is a misnomer - because every kid makes it onto a team - it's really more skill evaluations that the coaches look at as they pick the kids for their teams. Wesley will be playing in the Rookie league there and Parker will continue with another season in the Minors.

Each one had to go through stations for batting, fielding (pop ups and grounders), throwing and running the bases and Parker had an additional station for pitching. They both seemed to do well and are looking forward to the season. The picture and video here are of Wesley from Monday - on Tuesday when Parker tried out Daryl was juggling all the boys while I had a meeting.

Both Parker and Wesley have been measured for their uniforms. No word yet on coaches or teams, but we'll keep you posted on that information and the start date for the season.

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