Saturday, November 30, 2013

Family Fun Day

We don't really celebrate "Black Friday" in this family. The day after Thanksgiving for us is always Family Fun Day. We slept in for starters, and then all of the kids hung out and played. The adults got a jump on putting the platform together for Granddaddy's Christmas village. I spent a couple hours hanging out with Grandma doing some things around her house and running some errands with her. But most of our excitement was reserved for the evening when we went over to Uncle Nam and Uncle Kelly's house and then headed to their store shop for Boba drinks and open mic night. It was another late night but a good one as we all got to spend time together. 

Davis playing in the sink. 
Playing all day with the cousins is exhausting. Wesley fell asleep on the floor during dinner. 

Monica really wanted to feed the fish but she didn't want them to touch her. 
Sometimes we get a little beyond silly. 
Someone loved this big stuffed panther so much that the uncles sent it home with him. 
Grannie and Daryl listening to the music; Micah and Parker playing video games at the Boba during mic night. 
Joy, Montgomery and Monica enjoying their Boba drinks. 

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