Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Florida Fun with Friends

Last Saturday the Hannas from our church took us out on Lake Harris in their boat. We had a great picnic lunch on the water and lots of fun tubing. Parker was super brave and went first all by himself for a couple of good runs!


Next up were me and Becky. Daryl and Mike conspired to go really fast and have us 
hit some big wake waves.  



Then Davis decided he wanted to try it, but only if Becky and I stayed on the float with him. In true Davis fashion he was a total adrenaline junkie, shouting for us to go faster and wanting to go airborne.

Finally Wesley was ready for his turn as long as he got to sit with Baba. 



We took a little break for relaxing and swimming off the back of the boat. The three stooges here decided to hang out on the float for a bit. Look at the faces in this pose!


It was a great afternoon out on the water. Everyone loved tubing! We're so thankful for the invitation and the chance to get to know the Hannas better. 

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