Friday, November 27, 2020

Isolating in the Mountains - Day Six

We went back to the recreation field to play and discovered that they were testing the snow blowers on the ski slopes! We couldn't play in it but it looked cool! They'll open on Thanksgiving Day with fake snow if there is no real stuff on the ground. After playing on the recreation field for a while, we followed the River Trail at the end of the field and found a waterfall way up on the edge of private property. 

Then later we drove down to Whitewater Falls, near the South Carolina border. This is supposed to be the highest falls east of the Mississippi at 411 feet - you can see Lake Hartwell and South Carolina in the distance. We've been here once before; we had tried to stop in the first year we traveled north only to find that the viewing platforms had been destroyed by a forest fire. You can hardly tell there was ever a fire there now. A beautiful sunset and playing in the fall leaves to close out our mountain time! 

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