Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Spring Break Part Two

It rained all Monday night and most of the morning. By 1pm we took advantage of a lull in the drizzle to head out and explore. We took Baba to Narrows Falls that we discovered last November. This one is smack in the middle of a neighborhood with a short hike. 

Then we did a little shopping in Cashiers and finally were able to explore the Village Green a bit. Usually in May there is an arts festival out here that you have to pay to get into. Loved the cool statues! 

We stopped back by the Community Center at Sapphire and peeked around the leftover snow on the slopes. The season for skiing and snow tubing officially ended on Sunday before we arrived. 

Then we stopped by the Horsepasture River to skip some rocks. The clouds were super low and looked so pretty above nearby Meadow Lake. 

Back at the condo, we got lunch and then Davis and I set off to walk along the golf course. We did a mile along holes 5, 6, and 7 of the course which made a big loop back to our condo by way of the clubhouse and some cool steps. 

Later I took off for some lake time. So peaceful here watching the clouds roll past Old Bald. 


Dinner was take out from SlabTown Pizza in Cashiers and then Daryl made a fire in our fireplace! 

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