Sunday, August 1, 2021

Fort Myers Vacation

We headed down to Fort Myers on Thursday night and stayed with the Holdens. This was an early start to our regular beach vacation and it was so nice to be able to spend some time hanging out with friends and relaxing on the front end of our vacation. The kids certainly enjoyed the pool and watching the Olympics together. 

Saturday morning we woke up and it was so peaceful. I did my quiet time out on the back porch. 

The guys watching US Women's Olympic soccer on Daryl's iPad. 

We drove around Fort Myers to show Parker where he was born. One of the places we stopped was the Edison and Ford Estates off McGregor Boulevard. We just pulled into the parking lot and took pictures with the largest banyan tree in the United States. 

We also drove Parker past the two spring training stadiums for the Minnesota Twins and also the Boston Red Sox. Daryl and I used to come to baseball games all the time at the Twins stadium to see the Fort Myers Miracle (now the Mussels). 

We also swung through Twice to see the church and show Parker the first house he lived in - 
505 Lynneda Avenue. We ran into our old church council chair while there (Rick Blaney) and then the pastor came over too (Juan Ramos). We had a nice time visiting and they gave us a tour of the Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary. The church is feeding 200 a week and has been throughout Covid. Its amazing to see all of their outreach. 

I may have been the first woman pastor appointed to serve Time, but I was not the last! 

We wound up back at Christy's for lunch before heading out to the beach. I left her the flower that Davis had picked for me from the yard. 

Such a great way to start off our vacation - time with friends! 

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