Monday, January 2, 2023

Christmas Break in Chicago - Part Seven

Sunday, we slept in. That's always a lovely way to start any day, let alone a Sunday, let alone the first day of the year. The guys hung out and watched sports including half of the Bucs game before we headed out to the Field Museum. We spent a few hours exploring there, including the exhibits on ancient Egypt (mummies!) and dinosaurs (Sue the T-rex!). It was a lot of fun. I remember coming here with my mom and dad and Grandma and Grandpa Keller as a child; and we toured here with Daryl's mom and dad too. 

After the museum we walked south a block to Soldier Field and then we walked to get something to eat. We needed to get a Chicago dog, so we headed to Devil Dawg's. This was recommended once by Anthony Bourdain. It did not disappoint!

We walked back over to Millennium Park to try and see the Cloud Gate statue (the Bean) but they have it blocked off behind gates right now and you have to stand in a long line to go through security to get into the park. So we saw what we could from the street and skipped it to come home and pack up (while watching more football). Mileage count for the day? Back up to a nice 6.40 miles! Which means 

we have walked 36.41 miles throughout Chicago this week. 

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