Monday, January 2, 2023

Christmas Break in Chicago - Part Six

We're all a teeny bit sick with what we think is sinus stuff. So Saturday was a much lower key day than we had originally planned. We chilled at home and let the boys watch soccer and bowl games and then headed out in the afternoon for Chinatown to show Davis. He loved it! 

We ate dinner at a Mongolian place called Happy Lamb Hot Pot - Davis tried shrimp paste and he and I both ate octopus - other things we ordered and tried were lamb, beef, chicken, tofu, potatoes, cabbage, corn, udon noodles and then a big old side of fried rice. 

The hot pot was split half and half with regular broth and spicy broth. 

We did a little more walking around and shopping after dinner. 

Our big thing today was watching the Lion King musical at the Cadillac Palace Theater in downtown Chicago. It was breathtaking with all of the costuming and the music. 

It was so cold we came home to watch the Navy Pier fireworks on the TV. 

Low walking mileage for the day, just 3.5 miles. 

Goodbye 2022. Hello 2023! 

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