Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Vacation Time - Back in Sarasota

We go home a little bit after midnight (so early Tuesday am). We were supposed to land in Tampa around 8pm but all the flights to Florida out of O'Hare were delayed because of a radar failure over Miami early in the day. But thankfully, we were only running 3.5 hours late on the way home with Spirit, instead of the 12 hour delay we had on the way north with Southwest. 

Tuesday morning dawned bright and early when the pool screen company showed up unannounced. They finished tearing out our damaged screens from the hurricane and installed the new ones. Now we can let the cat and the dogs back out on the porch again. 

And then on Tuesday afternoon Davis asked to go to the Asian grocery store again and Parker decided to go with us. We had a fun trip exploring together. 


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