Monday, January 9, 2023

Touring Hurricane Damage

Last Friday I got to show off our hurricane recovery efforts in the South West District to our new bishop, Tom Berlin. It was literally day four of him being on the new job - we're appreciative that he made space in time in his first week to see things firsthand for himself. Here's some of the places we visited 

Mision Ebenezer Hispanic Mission, Arcadia 

Tice UMC, Fort Myers - Ana in this picture is Ernest's granddaughter - her mom was in our youth group when Daryl and I were at Tice. 

Faith UMC, Fort Myers 

There are some of the UMCOR case managers helping residents in the community 

Beach UMC, Fort Myers 

Cape Coral First UMC 

UMCOR Work Site on Pine Island - they were being assisted by volunteers from a Catholic University in upstate New York 

Pine Island United Methodist Church 

This is the pastor from Beach UMC who is living at Pine Island now. 

Edgewater UMC, Port Charlotte 

Gulf Cove UMC, Port Charlotte 

This is me with Bishop Berlin and our district's amazing Lynn Ball 

It was one of those long 12+ hour kind of days but we got a lot accomplished. 


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